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UngAalborg (Aalborg Youth School) is a public organization which is a part of the Municipality of Aalborg. Our target group is youngsters between 13-19 years.

The organization is the largest of its kind in Denmark with just about 300 employees. We offer after school activities through our junior and youth clubs, our youth centers, and through projects. In addition to this we have an education center that offers an alternative education for those in grades 8-10 and collaborate with public schools.

Facts about Aalborg Youth School:

• 2200 students are annual members of junior and youth clubs

• Approximately 25.500 students visit our cultural centers, KUL, Street Station and Station10 each year 

• There are approximately 400 students who attend the UngAalborg Education Center (UngAUC) 

• We have over 500 ongoing projects with over 10.000 students taking part on a yearly basis

• 1600 student have used water-based activities in Aalborg Water Center.

• 1800 students have passed through our Adventure School and Teamwork projects.

• Large scale events gather around 2400 youngster each year.

The international dimension has increasingly become one of our main focuses, and is primarily based in the European Union's program Erasmus +.

We have been involved in the EVS and youth exchanges for many years. The projects all begin in August and finish at the end of July.

We plan on four receiving volunteers every year. In addition to Erasmus+ we participate in several international projects such as wild nature trips, Jobswob, and Caretakers of the Environment International.

We are currently looking at different ways to expand the way that we work internationally, and are looking for partners who would be interested in beginning a long-term partnership whose aim is to become an integrated part of the organization's activities.

For other information please contact our International coordinator:

Camilla Lindum
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